Built on the brand new Balancer V2 protocol, Acsi.Finance brings the first next-generation AMM to Binance Smart Chain.

Another AMM?

We are all familiar with the ubiquitous SushiSwap/Uniswap clones popping up every week on every EVM-compatible blockchain out there.

The Balancer protocol is a bit different — most distinctly, it allows for liquidity pools with up to 8 tokens, with varying weights (Uniswap only allows 2 tokens with 50–50 weight).

It also has a more abstracted architecture which allows for “smart” and “custom” pools which can even be designed and developed by others and plugged into the protocol.

The most flexible and efficient AMM

Balancer V2 brings many key improvements including more efficient gas fees, flash loans & swaps, and what I find most exciting —…

What’s a crypto samurai to do to stay SAFU?

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Binance Smart Chain, and crypto in general, with large projects getting rugged, exploited or accidentally losing users’ funds left, right and center, all in the middle of one of the biggest market corrections in history.

In times like these, what’s a crypto samurai to do to stay SAFU?

Here’s a bit of what I’ve learned.

HODL. Don’t trade. Don’t leverage.

Trading is the fastest way to get rekt.

I run arbitrage/market making/liquidation/etc bots, both on-chain and on CEXs. Humans have no chance against bots. They react in milliseconds. They will front-run you, sandwich-attack your transactions… even when…

By @arehmanagha

For the months of March and April, ACryptoS continued to grow steadily in TVL and number of users. With an increasing number of platform users, there is also a need to offer more support on Telegram, and the ACryptoS community stepped in to make sure no question or query went unanswered. From Venus’ fee revisions to PancakeSwap upgrading all of their vaults to v2, there was a lot of activity within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem over the recent past. …

ACryptoS ACSI Farms V2 brings an exciting new feature to the protocol, allowing ACSI Vault holdings to be used to boost ACSI rewards by up to 2.5X. ACS Farms have already been successfully migrated to V2 and ACS3BTC was the first ACSI V2 Farm which was brought live on 19 April.

All remaining ACSI V1 Farms will be migrated to V2 on 10 May 2021, ~6AM UTC.

ACTION NEEDED: Users will be required to unstake their StableSwap LP tokens from Farms V1 and stake into Farms V2 after the migration in order to continue receiving ACSI rewards, which they will…

We didn’t do anything too special really…

Our Vaults farming on Venus Protocol use a single-token leverage strategy to ~3.66X your yield — essentially for every 1 token users deposit in our Vaults, we supply ~2.33 tokens and borrow ~1.33 tokens from the Venus protocol, using ~95% of our borrow limit.

Venus Protocol introduced a 0.01% fee for redeeming supplied tokens. This had a negligible impact on our yield.

Let’s take a closer look

There are essentially 3 types of transactions our Vaults do:

  1. Deposit
    User deposits tokens into our Vault. We supply the tokens to Venus, and if needed, borrow and supply more tokens to reach our target borrow limit of 95%…

Efficient exchange for BTCB, renBTC and pBTC on Binance Smart Chain

We’ve launched the ACS3BTC StableSwap pool enabling efficient exchange of different wrapped Bitcoin variants on Binance Smart Chain:


How to be a liquidity provider

Liquidity providers earn swap fees as well as our native token ACSI, a stake in the protocol.

To provide liquidity:

  1. Get tokens:
    BTCB (Binance pegged Bitcoin)— withdraw BTC from Binance.com to Binance Smart Chain or use the Binance Bridge to send directly from the Bitcoin network.
    renBTC — use RenBridge to send Bitcoin to Binance Smart Chain or swap with 1inch.
    pBTC — use pTokens Bridge to send Bitcoin to Binance Smart Chain or swap with 1inch.
  2. Deposit in ACS3BTC StableSwap…

Why did you start ACryptoS? How is it different from ###?

I get asked this a lot. This is an answer from ~2 weeks after we first launched: https://t.me/acryptos9/2956

(Aside: It’s amazing that Telegram groups keep all their history. You can still scroll back to when I first launched the platform on 1 Nov to our small group of ~100 members and read everything from before then and all the crazy things that have happened till now.)

So, what makes us different?

Sustainable. Long-term. Safe.

ACryptoS is designed for the long-term farmer/investor who sees value in sustainable tokenomics and an emphasis on safety and careful risk management.

It was an intentional decision not to…

Photo by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash

ACryptoS Farms V2 Migration Phase 1 completed successfully today and Phase 2 is now scheduled for 12–15 March 2021. This will include all remaining V1 ACS Farms.

~6AM UTC, 12 March 2021 — Migration begins, (non-V2) ACS Farms’ weights will be re-distributed equally between V1 and V2.

~6AM UTC, 15 March 2021 — Migration ends, ACS Farms’ weights will be shifted entirely to V2.

ACTION NEEDED: Users will be required to unstake their Vault tokens from Farms V1 and stake into Farms V2 during the migration period in order to continue receiving ACS rewards, which they will be able to…

ACryptoS Farms V2 brings an exciting new feature to the protocol, allowing ACS Vault holdings to be used to boost ACS rewards by up to 2.5X. It also addresses a long-standing user gripe and staking/unstaking now no longer automatically triggers a harvest (and harvest fee).

Photo by jean wimmerlin on Unsplash

Phase 0

The SFP-BNB Vault&Farm and LTC Vault&Farm were the first Vaults on Farms V2 to go live on 10 Feb 2021. We completed a successful audit with Hacken on 21 Feb 2021. We now have 15 Vaults on Farms V2 with more than $25M TVL.

Phase 1

We will migrate the UNFI-BNB Vault to Farms V2 from 5–8…

ACryptoS Vaults and StableSwap to be integrated into DefiYield’s cross-chain asset management platform

We are proud to announce that leading defi platform and community DefiYield.info has successfully completed a comprehensive audit of our project, and have awarded us with their Low Risk rating.

We will also be integrating our Vaults and StableSwap into DefiYield’s cross-chain asset management platform, and are going to cooperate on developing and growing our communities together going forward.

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